Mal Pelo / Federica Porello


TH 24th October • 8 p.m.

ARGEkultur theatre

In Bach, an approach to the Well Tempered Clavier by J.S. Bach, María Muñoz works with the Italian performer and creator Federica Porello to pass on and reinterpret her solo, which she has danced in many countries and continents since its creation in 2004. María Muñoz and Federica Porello, moving their arms in unison. Their firm but delicate movements keep time with a piece from J.S. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier. As the phrase continues, it seems as if each of them was before a mirror, making the same movements, though you realise at once that this is a fallacious comparison, as each dancer gives them a distinct quality and each body makes the choreographic score her own.


María Muñoz studied music and athletics and also began to dance during her studies after which she travelled to Amsterdam and Barcelona. In 1989 she formed the group Mal Pelo together with Pep Ramis, for which they have been sharing the work of creation and direction since then. Within the group she has developed the role of movement researcher and teacher. Maria is currently choreographer, dancer and co-director of the creation centre L’animal a l’esquena. Maria and Pep set up this space in 2001, a centre for creation and interdisciplinary exchange in a farm house on 19 hectares of land in Celrà (Gerona). This refuge encourages experimentation and the exchange of ideas and experiences between stage directors, musicians, video artists, theorists and dancers, taking part in residencies, workshops and laboratories.


creation, artistic direction: María Muñoz • performance: Federica Porello • assistant to direction: Leo Castro, Pep Ramis • video: Núria Font lights: August Viladomat • production: Mal Pelo • promotion: Eduard Teixidor

coproduction: Teatro Real (Madrid), Teatre Lliure (Barcelona) support: ICEC – Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, INAEM-Ministerio de Cultura Spain, Ajuntament de Girona.