Dear audience,

Dear audience,

We are happy to invite you again to enjoy lively and colourful, wonderfully diverse, national and international dance and performance pieces within tanz_house festival 2019. This year, with pride and joy we also celebrate 20 years of tanz_house, association of freelance choreographers in Salzburg. In my opinion, this fact is in itself a political gesture, since in a world with a rapid pace of change, immediate consumerism and sudden rises and falls, persistence and consistency have become means of resistance. And so, for twenty years, we have been working with dedication and perseverance to create a space which deals with the circumstances that present themselves to us, may they be political, social, human or emotional, holding a mirror up to them in order to better see them, with distance, from a different perspective. With the desire to shift our point of view, to feel the nuances and subtle foretellers of the direction we are steering in. In order to stay alert towards the signs of our times and their possible future with the question if we want it to be like this or if we would rather imagine it differently.

Spiegelungen (mirror reflections), this years theme of the festival invites you, dear audience, to experience yourself, to re-find yourself, to reflect yourself in the mirror and to relish this experience of the allegedly useless. For in our daily routine mostly everything has to be productive and lead to a certain goal, but the most touching moments stand on their own and are never means to an end. We especially congratulate our chairwoman Editta Braun, who looks back on a 30 years long trajectory with her company and celebrates this achievement on the 4th of October at SZENE Salzburg.

And so, I leave you with our program hoping that we may all take to the barricades together, loose ourselves in the mirror of these art works and celebrate the grand Usefulness of the Useless.


We look forward to your visit!


Iris Heitzinger and the tanz_house team