CieLaroque/helene weinzierl


tanz, performance, tanz_house, dance, laroque, helene weinzierl
(c) B. Müller

SA 26th October • 8 p.m.

ARGEkultur theatre

double bill with Martin Kilvady


In E S C A P E, the ensemble around Helene Weinzierl takes us on a fulminant journey in which we discursively and intuitively anticipate and perceive the state of rest, acceleration, exhaustion, excess and collapse. Mathematical precision and powerful energetic dynamics are a reflection of the restlessness and abundance in which we lose ourselves. Until we reach a state of complete exhaustion, in which the masks fall, there is no room for deceptions, falsehood or hypocrisy and we recognize the essential. Repetitive moments reveal the paradox of the impossibility of repetition and invite us to perceive the explosion of contemporary movement sequences in detail making the fiction of infinity tangible.


Austrian choreographer Helene Weinzierl, born 1963 in Salzburg, educated in Paris, Munich and Salzburg, founded CieLaroque, one of the most touring ensembles of the Austrian dance scene, in 1995. The company was awarded several international prizes. 2005 the creation Tropea was nominated for the Amnesty International Award of the Arts in Edinburgh. The company’s work has been characterized by interdisciplinary pieces dedicated exclusively to a clear and intense movement language. Many of the productions focus on socio-politically relevant topics. Helene Weinzierl is artistic director of the perform<dance>festival Salzburg.


artistic direction, choreography: Helene Weinzierl in cooperation with the performers: Azahara Sanz Jara, Luan de Lima, Alberto Cissello • musical arrangement: Oliver Stotz • light design: Peter Thalhamer

coproduction: tanzimpulse Salzburg financial support: Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich