Iris Heitzinger & Guests


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WE 23rd October • 8 p.m.

ARGEkultur theatre


For this unique evening, the Austrian choreographer and dancer Iris Heitzinger invites renowned guests from the world of music and dance to perform with her and let dazzling sound and movement landscapes unfold on stage.

The Catalan pianist Jordina Millà makes the grand piano vibrate and draws dreamlike sound scapes from it. Natalia Jiménez from Seville and Colombian Dante Murillo, both internationally renowned dancers and choreographers, create live on stage with Heitzinger a kaleidoscope of movement multiplicity, playful dialogue and melodic-rhythmic dances, in which the brilliance of each individual shines and is at the same time embedded in a collective journey.


Iris Heitzinger is a freelance dance maker, performer and teacher and associate artist at tanz_house Salzburg and RedSapata Linz. As a performer she has collaborated with numerous renowned choreographers. Since 2007 she makes her own choreographic work with an interest in interdisciplinary and intercultural collaborations. Heitzinger’s pieces are shown internationally with great success. Some of them are Blackbox with The guinea pig collective (Festival Basics Salzburg), L_ENTES with Natalia Jiménez (Festival NEO/Mercat de les flors Barcelona), The measure of disorder with Group LaBolsa & Thomas Hauert (Festival Grec Barcelona), Wallflowering with the actress Françoise Boillat (ARGEkultur)


artistic direction: Iris Heitzinger • creation, performance: Natalia Jiménez, Jordina Millà, Dante Murillo, Iris Heitzinger • live Music: Jordina Millà • lights: Stefan Ebelsberger • production: Verein kunstHupfer/ei

thanks to: LMS Waizenkirchen, Pfarrei Unterstein Schönau a. Königssee